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Three winning strategies vs. Box & One defense

By January 22, 2019 No Comments

The most effective way to get a face-guarded player the ball is to turn him into a screener first. The next step is to follow each of his screens by a screen for him (basic screen the screener action but not in a defined area or with a set). It becomes a series of him screening, and getting a screen, screening, and getting a screen. 

2nd thought: 1-4 flat and let him go one on one with 4 teammates on the baseline.

3rd thought: Take your best driver and get the ball to him on the top of the floor. Put your face-guarded player on the right wing. (if your driver is right handed). The other three are high left side, corner, off mid-post on left side. IF your driver is adept at going by the defender to the right he will have a shot to get to the rim because your scorers defender will not help on ball-side penetration. If he does help on the drive, pitch to your best scorer and let him play. They can’t take away both threats.

Hope something here helps.

Randy Brown

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