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There is No Replacement for Experience, Regardless of Level

By February 12, 2019 No Comments

As I told a young coach on the phone today, “Basketball is basketball.”
There is no replacement for experience coaching the game. Regardless of skill level, age, height, or experience, coaching the game to 5th graders is just as valuable as to NBA players.

It’s still fundamentally the same game.
Sometimes young coaches get caught up in devaluing these experiences but they shouldn’t. 
If it’s the last play of the half and you have the ball on the far baseline from your basket with 10 seconds left and the opponent jumps into a 2-2-1 full court press…………with your 5th graders you get them into their spots, give them instructions, and tell them to be strong with the ball and execute the pass, cut, and dribble.

In a high school, college, or NBA game the same basic instructions are given to the players.
In this case, the players are shorter, not as strong, limited in their skills, and lack experience, but they still understand the game, have basic skills, and want to win.

As I explained this to him, it made me realize how important coaches are in all sports at all levels. It’s still about the experience and attaining the life long values of being a teammate, being part of a team, winning, losing, and being able to accept both, all while enjoying the ride. 

Randy Brown

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