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10 Anchors for Coaching Clarity, Effectiveness, and Success

By January 22, 2019 No Comments

In the fall of 2018 I had to great pleasure of being interviewed by Chris Oliver of Basketball Immersion for his “The Basketball Podcast.”

As I often do, my topics have to do with the thinking parts of the game and come in the form of challenges. It’s not offensive and defensive schemes that I offer to coaches, it’s asking the difficult questions of “why,” “what,” and “how.”

In this attached document, I spoke to Chris about 10 topics that I’m most passionate about in todays game. I call them anchors because they are parts of your program that form the bedrock of teaching basketball the right way.

The 90 % rule, the rule of sticky, the Top 3 are all unique sounding topics but are the real substance that your coaching stands upon.

Click HERE to get copy of “10 Anchors to Coaching Clarity, Effectiveness, and Success.

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