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When “Shoot It” Goes from Stands to Bench

By January 22, 2019 No Comments

This is a great one for the parents who;

A. Shout from the stands for their son/daughter to shoot the ball during the game. B. This parent also questions amount of playing time and shot quantity.

In all of my years, there is only one way to remedy this for the player.


Not once a week, not for 3 months, not with fancy shooting aids and shooting dvd’s. It take WORK combined with diligence, sacrifice, determination, toughness, patience, and desire to be the absolute shooter you can become. In March, in September, in July, in April, in December…..all the time. When this happens, albeit rarely, am amazing phenomenon occurs………….your parents WON’T have to yell at you to Shoot It!

You’ll know when your son/daughter has improved their shooting when instead of you are yelling “shoot it” from the stands, the coach is yelling “shoot it” from the bench!

And at that point, all of the work, hours, sacrifice, and sweat will be worth it.

Randy Brown

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