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Cable TV or a College Coaching Career. Which do you choose?

By December 7, 2018 No Comments

I wanted to share an example of some correspondence I had with a coach who contacted me about really wanting to be a college coach.

Now, if this is also your desire, PLEASE read carefully and get my message. Afterall, all we’re talking about is your “career.”

After this coach’s initial request for a phone appointment, we talked for about 30 minutes about my Elite Mentoring Program and answered his questions. I followed up, based on his current situation and coaching experience, and made recommendations for him. Of my two levels of programming, I recommended my first level, “Community Member” status within my Elite Coach Mentoring program.

On the second day following our call, I received this email from him. Note: when  coach resorts to an email and not a call back, it’s usually a sign they are not ready or some other issue is present.

I appreciate your time and effort talking to me. I  have decided to hold off on purchasing a membership. Currently I won’t be able to afford it, as I’m trying to figure some things out. I graduate at the end of this year and I may be able to reconnect next year. I apologize and hopefully I didn’t waste your time. I appreciate the advice you’ve given me. 


No worries, it was time well spent on my end and hope it was for you too. Remember, this isn’t a casual career that you can get serious about on your own. I know you know that, but it’s worth letting you know that this will take a full-blown, all out effort on your part. Even with my program, network, guidance, and the people I can connect you to, it will be just a beginning….but it will also be the BEST way to get there.
For others in this same situation in the past, I’ve proposed this question; “How much is a career as a college basketball coach worth?” It will make you look at your approach in a completely different way.  In other words what in your budget that is a $50 expenditure a month, is worth MORE than a college career?

If cable is $75/month or more, that’s an easy decision, right!So I don’t want you to easily think you can’t do this………..it’s all in how much this career means to you and what it’s worth to you.If you earn on average $30,000, in ten years you will earn a third of a million dollars!so, $100/month looks pretty small in comparision, right.

I just wanted to challenge your thinking………if it’s not the right time, that’s fine.Our program will be here helping many coaches when you feel the financial commitment is right.In the meantime, best of luck and please pass the word to others you know regarding my Elite Coach Mentoring program!

Randy Brown

Elite Coach Mentoring, https://coachrb.com

Randy Brown

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