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The Greatest Rocker You’ve Never Heard

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Elias.T.Hoth gives us a new blood offering with his 11th original musical invention O Rhesus Negative. This latest album brings us a deeper insight into this hard ass mean kickin, blood spittin rocker. This new album, O Rhesus Negative, is named after is a very rare and unusual blood type (a bit like the man himself), whether or not this new album will make you anemic, or is more likely to make you see red, can only be decided from the listening.

However, the new album does bring us a fresh musical infusion of re-oxygenated lyrical hemoglobin, and it’s fair to say we now appeared to have stabilized the patient with the completion of a new and highly successful O Rhesus Negative album transfusion.

The album brings us no less than 4 rock, 2 blues and 5 very intimate personal ballads. Firstly, diehard fans will not be disappointed as the heavier sound tracks, which will certainly raise blood pressures deliver some bristling brand new visceral, classic hothic rock ‘n’ roll anthems, possibly some of the most impressive to date. The albums ballad content will certainly lower any hypertension and brings the Elias.T.Hoth body into a calmer and far healthier state of equilibrium, which dare I say, is just what the doctor ordered. The embryos of these lamenting songs have clearly grown from the emotional meanings, troubles and torrents of his own life, as each ballad tells its own unique story, revealing a profound and often moving emotional insight into the writer.

The O Rhesus Negative album is extraordinary album which allows you the listener an extended insight into the inner more vulnerable facets of the artist himself.

Elias.T.Hoth is essentially a no nonsense, no messin, no mercy, hard ass, mean kickin, hell, fire and brimstone, blood spittin, British rock ‘n’ roller. He has played a great part in keeping rock alive for the last 15 years as those of you that have grown along with him will know. More recently however, Elias has been reworking and penning new and more reflective and sensitive acoustic ballads songs for his up and coming new album. Be sure though that this has taken nothing away from his brilliance as someone who not only writes but also promotes and plays all his own original rock, blues, and acoustic material.

Elias.T.Hoth was born in Leigh, near Manchester, England in the 1960’s leaving us in no doubt that he is a battled hardened war horse and a thoroughbred British rocker, being influenced by such iconic bands as AC/DC, Deep Purple, Bad Company, Queen and Status Quo.

He has written well over 100 songs to date such is the measure of his portfolio. This has generated the release of 11 incredible, creative works, including 5 original studio albums Let Sleepin Demons Lie 2007, Wrath Widower 2013, Confession with the Devil 2015, the acoustic album Sickle & Scythe 2017 and O Rhesus Negative his new album, available for worldwide sales in April 2018.

In addition to the above, his talents have also brought us four live albums, plus 2 live DVD’s with Let Sleepin Demons LIVE (also a DVD) 2009, Wrath Widower Live 2013 (also a DVD), Live at The UK’s 2013 Colne International Blues Festival 2013 and his latest live recorded album Live ‘n’ Lethal 2017. All his material is distributed and sold worldwide and continues to contribute to his ever-growing global fan base.

Elias was presented with a gold disc award by the internet music company CD Baby for the fastest selling worldwide sales of his 2013 Wrath Widower studio album. Confession with the Devil went straight in to the CD Baby charts at No. 19. That album, plus Sickle and Scythe, and Live and Lethal made the top 20 in the CD Baby global music charts. In 2015 his dark, blues song, “Sleazy Hussy Fever,” appeared in the top 20 of a USA song competition with more than 250,000 original songs entered. He was also highly honored to be asked to open the Lancashire Haigh Hall Music Festival 2009, an event that was attended by more than 11,000 people.

His songs are actively played on USA, English, Scottish, French, German, Scandinavian and other European radio stations! He has played major UK blues and rock festivals, including the Colne International Blues Festival.

O Rhesus Negative puts much of his older material into a brand new context and perspective, and so worth a listen.The new album is now available for download on CD Baby and his website. Artist Facebook


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