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What a Blur!

By March 21, 2018 No Comments

Since the launch of my new book, Rebound Forward, on January 15th, it’s been crazy. It took a few days to get grounded after opening the first box and realized that I actually did write a book. A life-time goal became a reality.

Instead of relaxing after the launch, I went full speed into marketing mode, with the help of my marketing team in Plano, Texas. It quickly made me realize how big of a job marketing is. Without a marketing plan the world would go on their merry way with no knowledge of me even writing a book. Slowly I’ve reached out to my friends, family, and coach through the world to share the good word with them. It take a consistent daily effort to chip away and push the message out there. Thanks to social media and email marketing tools, the job is a little less daunting. Still, the radio talk shows, tv, and book signings are on the horizon.

I’ve loved the feedback more than anything. It’s blown me away so far. Not only are people sharing their feedback, it is honest, transparent, and sometimes raw. They are sharing real feelings which means something in the message touched them. What a great feeling that is—it makes all of the efforts to write and publish the book worth it.

If you haven’t seen Rebound Forward or purchased a copy, please do. After reading please share with someone who can benefit from the message of defeating adversity and moving forward in your life, no matter what attempts to bring you down!

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