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The 12 Month Rule for Proactive Professionals and Coaches and their Careers

By March 21, 2018 No Comments

Spring is the time for movement in the basketball world. It is in March and April, and sometimes earlier, that AD’s start the reaction of falling dominos. It is the time for job interviews, resumes, and job preparation. But it isn’t the time to start working on these things. As they say, the time is now.

A good rule of thumb is 12 months out. Once you are a year away from your desired job or job type, it’s time to get to work. The first reaction is that it’s too early to start, but that is the wrong message. The wise coach will be preventative in his approach to career health. In school, the hardest thing to do was start a term paper, especially if it was a month ahead of time. Often we know the right thing to do, but put it off. We do this because it’s easier to wait and takes strength to start. We often put off what we know should be done today. If mowing the lawn is put off a day or two its no big deal. But you should deal with your career in an urgent manner.

Do What Others Don’t or Won’t Do

Have you ever waited to act on a task because no one else is acting. How many professionals start to ramp up their job search 12 months beforehand? None probably. So we wait because they wait. The proactive approach is to “do what others don’t or won’t do.” It’s “your” career not “our” career, so take ownership now!

In my work with mentoring coaches to reach their career goals, I see many of them wait until it’s too late. A friend of mine recently had 141 applications for a Division III assistant position that paid less than $25,000. Would any of those coaches wish they had been more prepared and had used the previous 12 months to build their network?

Babe Ruth can get you a job

Look at it this way. In building your coaching network, it only takes one person to take your career over the top. In baseball it only take one swing to hit a home run. If you build quality relationships the odds are over time you will add a “Babe Ruth” to your network. A “Babe Ruth” is a connection that can get you involved in a job immediately, get you and interview, get you a job, or hire you today! Do you have a Babe Ruth? What would you give to build a network with people like this? Would it be worth starting 12 months ahead of a job opening?

Take a look at your career right now. Take a proactive approach and get ready now for the next “must have” opportunity. If not your haste will cause much frustration and agony when you are passed over for jobs you are qualified to get. Start Now!

Randy Brown

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